How is everyone coping?

How is everyone coping?

These are strange times we live in for sure. Who would have thought, just a few short weeks ago, that we would be dealing with toilet paper Armageddon?

Things are starting to get real now as the schools close to all but the vulnerable and children of key workers. It was heartbreaking to see the kids leave, not knowing when they will see their friends again. Better that than spreading the virus though.

Nobody knows what the future holds so I reckon it’s normal to feel scared. I’m holding it together for my 12 -year- old who is so worried, he has just written out his bucket list.

On a positive note, it means I get to spend more time with this amazing person, get to watch endless Star Wars films – his choice, and bake cakes ( if I have enough eggs and flour).

We’re both going to keep a diary of this time as a keepsake to pass down as even my 85-year-old mother who remembers WW2, says she’s known nothing like it.

With all the doom and gloom, let’s focus on all the good people out there. Yesterday, a neighbour brought my mum eggs, bread, tomatoes, oranges, potatoes, salad – it meant a lot as I live two hours away.

The planet will thank us too and when all this is over – as it will be one day – then hopefully we will emerge better and kinder people.

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