My writing space

My writing space

Readers are by nature curious and often enjoy a glimpse into the daily life of their favourite writers. Having written at the edge of the dining room table for the last three years, my beautiful desk staying in its box as we had nowhere to put it, I can now share with you my lovely writing space.

When my desk was finally put together, I was almost in awe. The desk is placed by the window and the light reflects the sky onto the high gloss surface so as I write, clouds seem to scurry across it. I even find myself stroking it from time to time as if to apologise for the delay in unpacking it.

The only problem is that I too am curious by nature and as the room looks out to the pub garden opposite, I find myself being ever so slightly distracted. Not to worry, I can always call it research and pop a couple of pubgoers into the next novel!

So, with my notebooks neatly stowed in the drawers and writing guide at the ready, there really is nothing to stop me from being more organised. Our rescue cat Smudgie seems to approve too as within minutes of it being installed, he was asleep under it. I really can’t promise that it will always look this tidy though! The only thing missing now is a lovely office chair that I have my eye on. With a birthday coming up soon, I’ve dropped a few hints. This time, I’ve promised myself that it won’t lag in the box for the next three years!

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